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Symbolism & Meaning of White Flowers| Ahh Flowers

White Flowers are a timeless bloom that can make anyone happy. However, have you ever questioned what they signify or what they mean? Every kind of flower and every colour of flower has a unique symbolism attached to it. And if you like to send flowers for various occasions, it can be helpful to understand what they signify or what their importance is. So if you’re interested in learning all about the significance, history & meaning of white flowers, the best occasions to send them, and some really interesting trivia, keep reading with AHH Flowers.

According to common opinion, the colour white contains all the colours in the spectrum rather than being colorless. Daisies, which are calm and understated, or the white rose or tulip, which are exquisite and sophisticated, are examples of white flowers. giving white flowers alone or combining them with another colour to strengthen the meaning your flower arrangement communicates is totally appropriate. The main connotations of white flowers are innocence, compassion, and purity. White flowers also represent harmony, spirituality, and fresh beginnings.


The white rose was once a representation of the goddess Aphrodite, who was later given the Roman name Venus, in ancient Greece. The ideal of female sexuality, love, and beauty is personified by Aphrodite. According to a myth, all roses were once white before the goddess pricked her foot on a thorn and spilt her blood onto the flowers, turning them red. This is said to have occurred after Cupid or Eros unintentionally shot the stems with an arrow, causing the flower to develop thorns. In ancient Greece, it was customary to present flowers to the gods in their temples. Since Aphrodite stood for roses, her devotees frequently presented her with them. Giving flowers has come to represent your belief in your loved one as a goddess as a result of this old myth. It is the ideal way to express to your significant other how much they mean to you. The white rose, which frequently symbolises the Virgin Mary, is also a symbol in Christianity. She is occasionally referred to as the “Mystical Rose of Heaven,” where the rose stands for innocence and joy. She was associated with the white rose, and mediaeval gardens frequently featured them.

Meaning of White Flowers:

White roses are traditionally a popular choice for wedding bouquets and celebrations because it stands for purity as well as youth, young love, and loyalty. Due to this, white roses are frequently also seen as a way to represent fresh starts and have come to symbolise love, much like red roses have for centuries. Different cultures attribute many different meanings to white flowers. Here are some of the most typical interpretations of white flowers in various cultures:

  • For weddings, white roses are typically a popular choice.
  • White roses are also connected to fresh starts.
  • White roses are a symbol of your loved one’s reverence for the goddess.
  • White roses stand for happiness and purity.
  • In politics, white roses stand for establishing peace.
  • At funerals, white roses represent respect, love, remembrance, and honour for the deceased.
  • White roses are universally regarded as a lovely flower and a time-honored gift to convey love and cheer someone up, regardless of their symbolic meanings.

One of the most common wedding flowers is the white rose, and this makes sense. These flowers are appropriate for commemorating a new romantic and marital bond because they stand for purity. The white rose is frequently referred to as “the bridal rose” due to its widespread use at weddings. White roses have also traditionally been used in bridal bouquets because they are associated with new love. These blossoms can represent more than just marriage because they frequently evoke a sense of hope. They can also represent other new beginnings.

At funerals, white roses are also frequently seen. Along with other flowers of the same colour, such as chrysanthemums and carnations, they are a very popular flower for this occasion. The white rose is frequently used in sympathy flowers bouquets at funerals because it can also signify honour, reverence, and frequently a sense of spirituality. They are used to convey love, respect, and remembrance for the deceased as well as to let others know that they have gone to heaven. White roses help the grieving family find some measure of comfort during these trying times.

Symbolism of White Flowers:

Symbolism for white flowers may vary from situation to situation. Let’s have a look to the below mentioned most famous symbolism related to while flowers.


Since white has long been considered a symbol of purity, brides have customarily wore white dresses on their wedding days. White flowers were traditionally sent to loved ones in the Victorian era as a sign of sincerity and purity. White bouquets are still a very common choice for romantic occasions today.


White is viewed as a symbol of innocence because it is considered to be flawless and unblemished by stains or flaws. For religious ceremonies like weddings or baptisms, white flowers are often used to decorate a space to symbolise the innocence of the event and the participants.


Since it essentially has no hue, white is the most neutral colour you can use. As a result, it represents excellence and cleanliness. When you enter a hospital and see only white walls, floors, and furniture, you immediately assume the setting is hygienic and sterile. The owner’s house is no different. Buy yourself a bouquet of white flowers and observe the difference it makes if you want your home to feel crisp, tidy, and bright.

The Most Popular types of White Flowers:

Although almost all types of flowers come in white, there are a few that look particularly special and are in high demand all year long.

  • Roses
  • Lily
  • Calla lily
  • Orchids
  • Tulips
  • Carnations
  • Gerbera daisy
  • Hibiscus


There is no better way to convey a sincere message than with a traditional rose, which has been coveted throughout history for its understated beauty and frequently alluring fragrance. Roses and orchids are wonderful love tokens and, depending on their colour, can convey a variety of messages. White roses have different meanings depending on the occasion, but they are always a great way to convey a message without using any words at all. Nothing looks more clean and new than a bouquet of white flowers. The flowers will look lovely and cheery in every room, whether they are on your dining table, living room windowsill, or bedside table. So let’s order your favourite bridal bouquets with AHH flowers, white flower range and types can be of your choice.