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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for AHH FLOWERS


These Website Standard Terms and Conditions govern your usage of our website, AHH FLOWERS, which can be found at

These Policies shall be fully implemented and will apply to your access of this Website. You agree to publicly acknowledge all of the terms and conditions stated on our website by browsing it. If you disagree with any of these Website Standard Terms and Conditions, you should not use our Webpage.

This Website is not intended for minors or anyone under the age of eighteen.

Intellectual Property Rights

AHH FLOWERS and/or its affiliates own all intellectual property rights and content featured on our Webpage, except for the content you own, which you may possess under these Terms.

You are authorized a restricted permission to read the information on this Website only.


All of the following are expressly forbidden to you:

  • Using any Website content in any other kind of media;
  • Any Website content may not be sold, sublicensed, or otherwise commercialised.
  • Using and/or displaying any Website content in public;
  • To use this Website in any manner that is or might be harmful to it;
  • Utilising this Webpage that restricts user access; Using this Website in a way that violates relevant laws and regulations, or that may damage the Website, or any person or business organisation;
  • Using this Website for the purpose of data mining, data harvesting, data extraction, or any other similar practice;
  • Using this Website for advertising or commercial purposes.

You are not permitted to access some portions of this Webpage, and AHH FLOWERS has the right to even further limit your accessibility to any areas of this Website at any time, at its sole and absolute discretion. Any user IDs and passwords you have for this Website are private, and you must keep them private as well.

Your Content

“Your Material” refers to any audio, video, content, photos, or other material you decide to exhibit on this Webpage in these Website Standard Terms and Conditions. You allow AHH FLOWERS a non-exclusive, worldwide absolute and unconditional, sublicense transferable right of using, duplicate, customize, publish, translate, and disseminate Your Content in any and all media by posting it.

Your Content must be your own and must not infringe on the rights of others. AHH FLOWERS maintains the right, at any time and without warning, to erase any of Your Content from this Website.

Your Privacy

Please check our Privacy Policy.

No Warranties

Our Webpage is given “as is,” with all inadequacies, and AHH FLOWERS makes no assurances or guarantees of any kind regarding this Webpage or the content on it. Furthermore, nothing about this Website should be construed as advice.

Limitation Of Liability

AHH FLOWERS, its officials, managers, and personnel will not be held accountable for something originating out of or in any way related with your usage of this Website, whether or not such responsibility is based on contracts. AHH FLOWERS, its officials, managers, and personnel are not legally accountable for any indirect, incidental, or special damage resulting from or in any way linked to your usage of this Website.


You agree to hold AHH FLOWERS harmless from and also against any and all consequences, charges, claims, legal actions, liabilities, and costs resulting from your infringement of either of these Terms to the maximum extent permitted by law.


Should any part of these Terms is determined to be illegal at all under the relevant legislation, that term will be removed without changing the overall of the Terms.

Variation of Terms

AHH FLOWERS has the right to change the above Terms at any time, and by utilising the Websites, you agree to check these Terms on a frequent basis.


Prior notifying you, AHH FLOWERS is free to reassign, exchange, and sublease its rights and/or obligations under this Agreement. Any of your rights and/or duties under these Terms, however, may not be assigned, transferred, or subcontracted.

Entire Agreement

These Terms replace all earlier contracts and explanations between AHH FLOWERS and you in connection to your utilization of this Website.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

The legal provisions of Western Australia shall constitute and regulate these Terms, and you agree to consent to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts in Western Australia for the settlement of any conflicts.